Even more into nature

If you know Needle, you also know that the nature of the Black Forest is a key aspect of our design and a great inspiration for Needle Gin. And we’re planning to cap it all off with our new, unique Needle bottle design, which will be available at retail outlets from February 2019.

The prominent linear design shows features of the Black Forest spruce. They emphasize the clear taste of spruce twigs. The tapering conifer was used as a template for the shape and graphics. This shape is reflected across the whole bottle design. The label is shaped like a diamond, representing the spruce forest in all its clarity and comfort. The stopper is made of real wood, adding a refined touch.

The label, which is at the heart of the design, combines both elegance and charm, reflecting wood, nature and spruce as optical and haptic elements. These are also emphasized by the new bottle shape as a whole. The recessed grip makes pouring that much easier, while also giving Needle Gin its lean, graceful and strong effect – just like that of the Black Forest.

The stylised spruce needles of the grip recesses further emphasize the label’s intention, giving the feeling that the fresh spruce needles are being “harvested by hand”. These needles also decorate the upper section of the bottle, with the Needle logo forming a part of it.

The green, individualised, pharmacy-style bottle means that Needle Gin stands out among the many other gins on the market, making it easy to recognise, while clearly showing that Needle comes from the Black Forest, captures the Black Forest in a bottle, and gives a taste of the Black Forest everywhere.

All you need is Needle!