Distilled with hand picked Spruce Needles

In order to experience the Black Forest and its full-bodied uniqueness, we carefully distille our Needle beside aromatic juniper berries with hand-picked spruce needles of the “common spruce” (Picea abies). Through the inclusion of flowery lavender and typical pungency of ginger, the taste buds experience an intense adventure. This moment is emphasized by a fine citrus note of sun-ripened lemons and oranges of best quality. A touch of orient is added to our 40% vol. distillate by the addition of pimento and cinnamon as well.

The entire formula remains, of course, our secret, but the uniqueness is that for the distinctive Black Forest experience, only young and, above all, fresh spruce shoots are used to meet our high-quality requirements!

This exciting combination of various herbs, spices and spruce needles is distilled in a gentle single-batch process. The Brände obtained from a distillation process are stored separately. Our master distillers check each single “batch” and choose only the best distillates for the filling of the Needle. In this way, we can guarantee the consistent quality of each bottle.

Needle is a pure and clear gin with a special black forest flavor.

We recommend the pure enjoyment or the Needle on the rocks, in order to be able to experience the uniqueness intensively and unadulterated. Preferring something more fancy, you are invited to taste our Needle recipe suggestions.